Meet Us!


Hey everyone! We are the Reynolds - Ian, Katie and Jack. We own Katie’s Plates, LLC (, a local meal delivery company in Nashville, TN, Birmingham, AL, and Huntsville, AL. I started Katie’s Plates in 2014, with the goal to make healthy, homemade food available to every family in the city! Once Jack was born, I realized that a baby food delivery business would bring the same convenience to all of our families. Hence, Jack’s Jars was created! I have a degree in Food & Nutrition from Mississippi State University, and I grew up in Birmingham, AL. I have a passion for cooking, and cooking for baby Jack has been as much fun as cooking for my clients and family! Being a nutritionist has brought so much joy to my life, and I love being able to change the lives of my families! 


Many moms find it so hard to make the time to cook their own baby food, heck, it’s even hard to cook regular dinner for the family! There are moms that have time, but don’t really know where to start when it comes to introducing foods to baby. We want to make it easy on you! Jack’s Jars makes it more convenient to get healthy, homemade, and organic baby foods to your door without the trip to Whole Foods, prep work, cooking work, and hassle. 
Baby Jack is our miracle baby - after 3 years of infertility struggles, we were told that IVF was our only option. After going through the process, we ended up with just one embryo - the embryo was not very strong, and was not likely to end in a pregnancy. We prayed and gave it up to God, and we were blessed with Jack! After going through all of this to have Jack in our lives, we wanted to give him the best nutrition - it’s so important to introduce babies to all of the amazing and wholesome foods early on - it’s building the foundation for the rest of their lives!
We can't wait to meet you on deliveries, and happy feeding!